Operation Wealth Creation.


Operation wealthy creations sensitize people to start simple, do not encroach in wetlands, use manual irrigation while waiting for mechanized irrigation and rain-fed watering.
It was launched after the president said  “I am totally against the elite island economy where there are a few rich people surrounded by a lot of under-developed people,” he said.
Operation Wealth Creation project, having started in 1996 as NAADS [National Agricultural Advisory Services], did not give satisfying results. It was upon this back ground that the government decided to deploy UPDF soldiers in 2013 to implement Operation Wealth Creation programme.

The target of Operation Wealth Creation is to make sure that all Ugandan homesteads join commercial farming year by year.
Operation wealthy creation creates awareness to farmers to at least fetch water on bicycles and perform drip irrigation on their farms before the government can intervene. This was a call by the president who said that Ugandan farmers should be humble, approachable and reachable just like Jesus washed his disciples’ feet.

Operation Wealth Creation interventions for stabilizing economic transformation of Uganda to the middle income status’. In the last financial year the government  put aside considerable amount of funds to finance water for production ranging from big irrigation schemes to micro irrigation scheme at farm level” The recent unpredicted weather changes sparked the program after farmers suffered significant losses.
Having experienced  changing rainfall patterns and diminishing rain affecting both live stock and crops, the government is taking the necessary steps to address this challenge,’
 The project will entail construction of micro and bulky irrigation schemes in various parts of the country to address the issue of water for production during the dry spell at farm level.“Focus will start with districts that are mostly hit by drought”
Under this body, the grassroots should first be empowered to come out of poverty by engaging in cost effective income generating projects.

OWC encourages and boosts farmers to concentrate on growing perennial crops like Coffee, fruits, tea among other cash crops, construction of markets, rehabilitation and construction of abattoirs.
Operation wealthy creation procures and distributes inputs like Robusta coffee seedlings, diary heifers, hybrid goats, piglets, and farm tractors, pasture feed seedlings, fertilizers, chicks and rabbits, irrigation equipments and components,e.t.c
This is done through contracting formidable companies and suppliers.It recruits and facilitates extension service providers to give technical support to the farmers. The officers do the distribution of inputs to the farmers on parish levels.
The agricultural promotion program Operation Wealth Creation is having its branches extended to Higher Institutions of learning. This is through actively supporting agricultural courses in a number of universities in the country.

This is being done to groom the youths to involve themselves in agriculture, the backbone of the country’s economy.
Through this programe, many higher institutions of learning have already started courses in nursery bed management, passion fruit farm projects, rabbit raring among others. Operation wealthy creation is yet to start model farms on such institutions. Students are introduced to the slogan Hands to the ground, not to the mouth.
Under the European Union funded project to the tune of UGX 456 billion, Northern Uganda is on the road to recovery in the Agriculture sector. The Agriculture Livelihood Recovery programme (ALREP) has 87 projects to be implemented   in 6 districts of Northern Uganda.

Some of the activities to be conducted under Northern Uganda Agriculture Livelihoods Recovery Programme (ALREP) include:

1. the tender for supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of solar power units for 28 sub county and district production offices in Northern Uganda. The Evaluation Committee of Operation Wealthy Creation is to recommended the award of the contracts to the successful bidders which is within PE4 budget

2. Provide guidance to AVSI on conducting the grant endline survey and final evaluation
3. Procurement of bicycles for PMCs in Lango sub region (Lira, Otuke, Alebtong, Apac, Kole and Oyam districts)
4. Developed tender dossier for supply of animal health and included cost estimates for the various items in the tender dossier
5. Provided feedback on NTV proposal for TV documentary and news feature coverage.
6. Conduct site meetings and pay meal allowances to PMCs on various projects in Kitgum, Lamwo and Agago districts in 2017:
7. Construction of  Akeler valley tank in Oreta parish, Nyakwae Sub-county in Abim District and Waliwal valley tank in Lokadeli parish, Rengen Sub-county in Kotido District. The excavation of the valley tanks and trimming and shaping of the side slopes of the valley tanks and earth bunds.
8. Procurement through tendering good quality diary heifers, irrigation machines, seedlings..