Operation Wealth Creation.


About Us


To promote and transform the agricultural sector in Uganda from the point of view of technical leaders, political leaders, farmers, the private sector and the Operation Wealth Creation.


Operation Wealthy Creation was launched in by the Uganda government as an intervention intended to create a system that facilitates effective National Socio-economic transformation with a focus of raising household incomes for poverty eradication and sustainable wealth creation.

For a long time, H.E. the President has been telling leaders at all levels to mobilize the peasants, to start engaging in commercial agriculture in order to increase their wealth than the 68% of whom are in subsistence production for only home consumption.

To define the responsibilities of stakeholders, spell out implementation and Mechanization of Agriculture and this involves the roles of the various stakeholders.

  • Coordination gaps among stakeholders across the sector
  • ¬†Quality issues for both planting and breeding inputs and outputs. assessment
  • Cases of elite capture of the program
  • Post-harvest losses. Recent studies found that on top of very low productivity, the farmers are losing nearly half of the little they harvest. This is an area which requires urgent attention.
  • Weak infrastructure: roads, power, water for production and storage facilities
  • Funding and Financing Mechanisms -to meet the ever growing demand for agricultural inputs among farmers
  • Land wrangles
  • Misalignment of structures, functions and staffing incentives
  • Standards and marketing